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  • - How does the subscription work?
    You can subscribe for our subscriptions for a minimum period of three months against a reduced price. All our house sets (Classic, Cool and Conscious) are eligible for subscriptions. Subscriptions come with free delivery and are delivered at your doorstep on or around a set date monthly
  • - How does the single order work?
    All our sets (house sets and collabs) are available for single order purchase. Simply fill in your details at check-out and we aim to deliver our candles at your doorstep as soon as possible (normally delivered between 3-7 days)
  • - How does free pick-up work?
    We collaborate with our friends from Corner Bakery Amsterdam and offer free pick-up at their Amsterdam Old-South location: Johannes Vermeerstraat 40, 1071 DS. All Home of Candle customers are eligible for 2 Corner Bakery Coffees (all styles) for the price of 1 when collecting their order
  • - Could I give a subscription or a single order as a present?
    Yes, both our subscription and single order packages are the perfect gift for birthdays of family or loved ones, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or without any specific reason. Did you know you could include a customized note (will be handwritten by us)? Please include the text you would like to include at checkout
  • - Where are your candles poured?
    All of our candles are poured by local craftsmen and craftswomen in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • - Are your candles vegan?
    Yes, all of our candles are vegan
  • - From what kind of pure raw materials are your candles poured?
    Pure parrafin, ecological plant based stearin or rapeseed (koolzaad)
  • - How does delivery work?
    The delivery method depends on the type of order. All dinner candles are delivered with PostNL through your mailbox, which means you do not even need to be at home to collect your order. To ensure safety, you will receive a track and trace code from PostNL. If you order rustic candles, your candles will be delivered with Budbee, currently the most sustainable delivery company in the Netherlands. You will also receive a track and trace code
  • - How should I burn your candles?
    Always cut the wick of each candle to approximately 1 cm length before use Our candles love to be in good company, therefore never leave them unattended Place the candle on a heat resistant surface, the more you burn the warmer they get Although our candles love coziness, please keep some distance between them to avoid any risk of dripping Always burn our classic candles for 2 hours the first time to ensure even melting and to prevent tunneling Most importantly, do not forget to enjoy, you’ll be fine
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